Freelancer platform Fiverr launches online courses

Yes thats right, no matter what your opinion of the budget ‘freelancer’ platform is these guys have expanded into a MOOC.

Check out what Anna Hensel at Venturebeat has to say about their new offerings:

Fiverr launches education platform for freelancer, classes start at $19

Freelancer marketplace Fiverr today announced that it’s getting into the online education game, where it will compete with the likes of Coursera and Udemy.

Called Learn from Fiverr, the new elearning platform offers courses covering skills most freelancers need, such as how to create a proper brief for a client and how to conduct market research. Other courses are more industry-specific, like how to advertise on Instagram, how to make content go viral, and SEO optimization.

Many of the courses at launch are being taught by industry executives, who are participating in a revenue-share program with Fiverr. For now, classes start at $19 and go up to $38. All the classes are taught entirely online.

A Fiverr spokesperson didn’t say how long each course lasts — it varies by topic, and classes are designed so that students can complete different sections at their own pace. After completing a course, students get a badge that they can put on their Fiverr profile to show off their skills to potential clients.

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