Escorts of Distinction

Escorts of Distinction is a sophisticated male escort agency with an extensive, international clientèle. – A sophisticated male escort agency, dedicated to social interaction. 

Escorts of Distinction is a socially focussed, non-sexual male escort agency based in Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. The director of business approached me with his vision for his brand and tasked me with developing, designing and implementing his vision for what a male escort agency should be.

I focussed on a ‘fraternity’ feel but approached the business from a ‘model-agency’ perspective. It was important to communicate sophistication with the aesthetic before seeing any other collateral as the word ‘Escort’ tends to be a taboo in 2018/19. I created the monochromatic logo and emblem to stand alone, to smash any idea of what people think a male escort agency is.

I then had the opportunity to extend my design for the brand into the website. The site is a complex membership system that allows the user to create an account, have a profile and manage their recurring payments all in one place.

I developed a solution to provide the simplest, least bloated, UI for both the escort and client. As the site grows we’ll see growth with custom packages for escorts, such as tailored photoshoots and article writing a long with the expansion of how the site caters for an ever evolving social world

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