Smarter Coffee

About Smarter – The Connected Kitchen.

Smarter is an award-winning London-based lifestyle brand whose products are powered by smart technology.
Since the company’s inception in 2013, Smarter has been at the forefront of designing innovative solutions for a more connected everyday life.

Smarter has swiftly become one of the UK’s fastest growing connected home companies, pioneering the emerging ‘connected kitchen’ lifestyle.

The idea of connected kitchen products was first identified by Smarter’s CEO and founder Christian Lane.

Working with Christian on Smarter’s amazing products has allowed me to visualise various future led appliances in their ‘connected kitchen’ range. Christian approached me with a dilemma, a well-known retail outlet had very specific requirements when it came to Smarter’s point of sale product. Christian had the design, and the prototype, but needed a way to visualise what this would like in reality.

I have been lucky enough to work on a number of projects for Smarter, here are a few examples.

Smarter iKettle

Smarter Coffee

Smarter Coffee

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