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About Snoreeze.

Snoreeze is the flagship brand for Passion For Life Healthcare. In 1998, they launched their Snoreeze Throat Spray, and Snoreeze has since grown to become the number one snoring relief brand across Europe. They have worked hard over the last two decades to become real experts in snoring and sleep apnoea.

I have been lucky enough to work with the amazing guys at Passion for Life Healthcare on their Oral Device product. My brief was to build and render the device in 3D space outputting both stills and animation. These animations were needed to form a bulk of their breathing obstruction explainer video.

This video highlights how the Snoreeze Oral Device alleviates the obstructions caused by conditions such as sleep apnoea. I animated their video in After Effects and cut the final video together in FCPX. This hasn’t been released to the public as of October 19th but as soon as it is it will be available here.

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