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2016 came and went and the waves of VR devices subsided as this fad wore off right? Like the hoverboard it hasn’t really been able to revolutionise anything, I still enjoy walking just like I enjoy seeing with my eyes and nothing else.

Wrong! Ok ok I was a sceptic, I never jump onboard any new tech bandwagons until they have really made a splash. Thats to say I was stung by minidisc in the 90’s/00’s with the endless hours transferring all my CD’s onto the new tiny little earth shattering, music changing, heart stopping portability of the plastic miniature floppy, only to be awed by the iPod a year or so later (and breath). Fool me once technology goddess, shame on you. SO lets fast forward 15 years and Hamlet on the Holodeck is our reality with the linear nature of gaming having long moved off of the table top onto screen, but, now it’s being beamed into your eyes, well almost.

“Get to the point” I can sense you thinking and I will. If you’re a naysayer like me I challenge you to not find a VR experience you enjoy. Im not talking about playing games through something like Oculus Rift for example, that may not be your jam, but the applications for VR are vast!

VR - Phil Shaw Digital Media

I very recently purchased a VR headset in Walmart on rollback for a mere $11 with the intention to see what was going on with this. I love it. My first port of call was Youtube to check out some scary VR experiences, I have bluetooth earphones that work an absolute treat. I was blown away by “Float” the I.T. Trailer, the mix of rail visuals and sound design makes this really pop. This then led me down a path of exploration and I watched a a number of independent and studio released VR content and honestly have loved it.

A couple of applications of the tech outside of gaming are really engaging to me, such as; tailored movie experiences like “Float” and something else i’m very interested in, VR hikes! Sound odd right? Well think of this, a home gym, a cross trainer, 2 hours to kill, a VR headset, an iPhone and the Grand Canyon….

This idea appeals to me, I love visiting new places but sometimes, like when you’re waiting on emails or simply have a little time to kill, it’d be great to beam off somewhere and get a little exercise too. Youtube is already a wash with VR content taking you through some truly inspiring vistas around our world and as time progress I only hope more are made. Today I walked 3 miles through Yellowstone Park on my treadmill without falling over or throwing up. It only took about 4o minutes and got me away from my desk whilst waiting for a scene to render in Cinema 4D what an innovative idea!

I could spend hours listing the literally thousands of cool things that can be done with this tech but why bother when other great writers have already done so. For example take a look at this article by  I was a Virtual Reality Non Believer I know exactly where he’s coming from.

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