Snapshots of the


By Phil Shaw

Welcome to Snapshots of the Daleks, a hop, skip and jump through time and space following the infamous Daleks as they rampage through the cosmos. 

This is a collection of visualisations of Dalek adventures as featured in BBC’s Doctor Who. This timeline is not exclusive to BBC, these works incorporate stories from Big Finish, Marvel, Titan and many others and aims to give you a single visualisation for each story.

This is a work in progress and the visualisations will continue to grow as I create and render new ones. I’d love to hear your thoughts, follow me below!

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MK3 Genesis Dalek - The Daleks - By Phil Shaw
Explore the First 30 Years.
From humbled beginnings on Skaro to "The Hand of Omega Incident"
Big Finish Daleks by Phil Shaw
The Wilderness Years
Take a look at the successes and failures of the extended Dalek Empire.

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Doctor Who, Daleks, BBC (word marks & logos) are trade mark BBC. Dalek ‘image’ copyright © BBC/Nation. Big Finish, it’s logo and I.P remain copyright © Big Finish Productions. This is fan work no infringement intended. All renders and graphic material copyright © Phil Shaw 2022 All rights Reserved.