By Phil Shaw

Ai art from the worlds of Doctor Who

1963 - 1966

Streaks of Who!

The First Doctor's Adventures in Time and Space

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Off-White Arrow

An Unearthly Child

Young man, is it reasonable to suppose that anybody would be inside a cupboard like that, hmm?

The Dead Planet

The heat must have been indescribable. Look at this soil here. Look at it. It's all turn to sand and ashes!


Young man, I think you'll have to help me with that fault locator now that Susan's been put out of action.

The Roof of the World

Oh, dear, dear, dear, dear. We're always in trouble, Isn't this extraordinary? It follows us everywhere.

The Sea of Death

Sea of acid. Astonishing. You know, in all my travels I've never come across anything like this before.

The Temple of Evil

The Aztecs always showed the utmost courtesy towards their intended victims.

Strangers in Space

It all started out as a mild curiosity in a junkyard, and now it's turned out to be quite a great spirit of adventure!

A Land of Fear

I say, take a look through there, will you? I think your eyes are sharper than mine.

Planet of Giants

Oh please, don't keep talking on the twentieth century level. I'm talking about time travel!

Worlds End

Well, I don't want to boast, but we might be somewhere in London, hmm?

The Powerful Enemy

Fancy landing back here again. I wonder if I were to tell Ian that it was deliberate, whether he'd believe me or not?

The ROmans

My dear boy, there's a great deal of difference between resting and being sort of, bone idle!

The Web Planet

She's probably heard an extra-sonic sound. You know, the thing that young people and young animals hear!

The Crusade

Did you hear what that man called him? Saracen. Malek Ric! Yes, that was the name the Saracens had for King Richard!

The Space Museum

You know, its so simple. It's time and relativity, my dear boy. Time and relativity. That's where the answer lies.

The Chase

Yes, we're in a world of dreams. Creaking doors, thunder and lightning, monsters and all the things that go bumpety bumpety in the night.

The Time Meddler

Yes, I must face him. I realise that I've got far short a time than I thought I had. I'm always leaving you in a hurry.

Galaxy 4

Stand still, otherwise we all might be killed. We come in peace. We don't wish you any harm.

Mission to the Unknown

From what we know about the Daleks, we've got to be picked up.

The Myth Makers

If I were an enemy, what could one man do alone and unarmed against the glory that is Greece, hmm?

The Daleks Master Plan

All I have to do is get through that jungle and perhaps then I can get some help. I must say it's a strange place to put a city.

The Massacre of St Bartholomews Eve

Did you see that? We've landed in the middle of the sixteenth century. Yes, and that was the very time.

The Ark

All I can say is that it's more likely to be Earth than anywhere else and it's very strange indeed

The Celestial Toymaker

You're wrong. This is something far more serious. We're in grave danger. This is some form of attack!

The Gunfighters

You're asking for trouble. Why can't you wear inconspicuous clothes like I do?

The Savages

We've now reached the distant horizon of an age, an age of peace and prosperity. Now, I'm going to be off.

The War Machines

...coming back to the twentieth century, my dear, the Tardis, I'm afraid, is often mistaken for the real police box.

The Smugglers

The Tardis, sir! This is a vessel for travelling through time and space! Why did you follow me?

The Tenth Planet

Your planet is finished. It will disintegrate. We know why you came here, so why not stay and live with us in peace?

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1963 - 1966

Streaks of Who!

By Phil Shaw

Ai art from the worlds of Doctor Who

The First Doctor's Adventures in Time and Space