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Welcome to the Blog.

Thanks for stopping by. Here you will find a selection of musings, commentary and cool resources that I hope you’ll enjoy. Be sure to take a look at the ‘Creativity’ page if you’re looking for art and works!

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TourBox NEO External Controller

Extend Your Creativity: External Controllers

Time is the most valuable commodity so I’m always looking for ways to be more efficient. I use the external controller system Palette, by Calvin Chu and his team, but
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Spotify Player from old iPad

Retro Refit: Turn an iPod into a Spotify Player

YES! A dedicated Spotify Player, built out of the guts of a retro iPod that you can do you yourself… does this need anymore explanation? Well if it does then keep
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In game photo mode - Norway Generation Zero

Get Funky With Photo Mode

No one expected to endure a pandemic but 2020 has meant many of us locked down inside, permanently. Aside from the dramatic effect it has on your social lives the
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Best Bluetooth Speakers 2020

Home office music: Reviews and buying advice

We all know that background music can have an amazing impact on how we live and work. A very quick google search tells me: Using Music to Enhance Employee Performance
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The future of freelance work - Phil Shaw Digital Media

The new normal: Welcome to the future of freelance

A recent survey found that commuting via public transportation could fall by 20% in the UK’s cities. The public is no longer confident in travelling to work in tight contained
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